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  • Salt Free Acid Blue 9 for inkjet ink and watercolor pen

    Salt Free Acid Blue 9 for inkjet ink and watercolor pen

    Product Name:Acid Blue FG(salt-free) C.I.NO.Acid Blue 9 CAS NO: 2650-18-2 MOLECULAR FORMULA: C37H34N2Na2O9S3 MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 765.91 Application:Suitable for watercolor pens and inkjet inks. Specifications: No. Name of Item Standard Result of Examination 1 Appearance Dark Blue t...
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  • Cationic Blue X-2RL

    Cationic Blue X-2RL

    Cationic Blue X-2RL, a cutting-edge dye specially designed for dyeing acrylic. This exceptional product offers exceptional versatility and can be used to dye a wide variety of materials including acrylic loose fibers, fiber strips, acrylic wool, knitted wool, knitted fabrics and blankets.  Basic ...
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  • Victoria Blue B

    Victoria Blue B

    Product Name:Victoria Blue B C.I.NO.Basic Blue 26 CAS NO: 2580-56-5 MOLECULAR FORMULA: C33H32ClN3 MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 506.08 Application:It can be used for dyeing cotton, acrylic fiber, hemp, silk, bamboo and wood, as well as for manufacturing lakes. Specifications: No. Name of Item Standa...
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  • Cationic Red X-GRL

    Cationic Red X-GRL

      Product name:Cationic Red X-GRL C.I.NO.Basic Red 46 CAS No.12221-69-1  Cationic Red X-GRL,A deep red powder, has incredible solubility in water, making it a versatile and convenient choice for a variety of applications. One of the main highlights of Cationic Red X-GRL is its excellent sta...
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  • Direct Scarlet 4BS: Revolutionizing Textile Dyeing and Paper Production

    Direct Scarlet 4BS: Revolutionizing Textile Dyeing and Paper Production

    Product Name: Direct Fast Scarlet 4BS C.I.NO.Direct Red 23 CAS No.:3441-14-3 Renowned for its exceptional dyeing power, Direct Scarlet 4BS is a breakthrough product primarily used for the dyeing of cotton, linen and viscose. Its versatility also extends to the dyeing process of silk, cotton and ...
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  • Sulphur Black BR

    Sulphur Black BR

    Sulphur Black BR is a dye of unrivaled color and blackness that is special and irreplaceable. With its unique properties, Sulfur Black BR is ideal for dyeing cotton, linen, leather and even paper. Sulphur black BR is widely used in cotton dyeing in the textile industry. Unlike other black dyes, S...
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  • Solvent Violet 13

    Solvent Violet 13

    Product Name:Solvent Violet B C.I.NO.Solvent Violet 13 CAS NO.81-48-1 Introducing Solvent Violet 13, the perfect solution for anyone who needs a specialty solvent dye for coloring hard rubber plastics. This high-quality dye offers vibrant, vibrant colors with excellent tinting strength, making i...
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  • Solvent Yellow 163

    Solvent Yellow 163

     Solvent Yellow 163 is a high-quality anthraquinone yellow dye, widely used in various plastic materials such as polystyrene, ABS, SAN, polyester, PBT, polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene, polymethyl methacrylate, etc. coloring. Due to the pigment’s excellent thermal stability and lightfastness...
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  • Solvent Red 196

    Solvent Red 196

    Product name:Solvent red 196 CAS NO.:52372-36-8 Solvent Red 196 is a high-quality red powder with exceptional fluorescence and excellent heat stability. This chemical compound is known for its ability to color a variety of plastics, including polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, and polycarbonate mat...
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  • Direct Yellow 5GL

    Direct Yellow 5GL

    CAS NO.10190-68-8 C.I.NO.Direct Yellow 27 Introducing our newest product, Direct Yellow 5GL – the ultimate solution for all your dyeing needs! This amazing new dyeing agent is crafted from the finest Direct Yellow 27 and offers unbeatable quality and results. Our Direct Yellow 5GL dye is pe...
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  • Solvent Blue 97

    Solvent Blue 97

    Solvent Blue 97 is perfect for various types of plastic dyeing, offering a high level of performance and excellent results. Let’s dive deeper into their features and benefits. Firstly, it offer high thermal stability, making them ideal for use in high-temperature environments. It is also hi...
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  • Holiday Notice

    Holiday Notice

    Here is our holiday schedules of May Day,which is from Apr.29th to May 3rd. But still welcome your product inquiry.We will reply on reading it. Our strong colors are Acid Red 73,Direct Red 23,Acid Nigrosine,Sulphur Black,Basic Aruamine O for paper,Direct Yellow 96,Acid Blue 93,Solvent Blue 97,sol...
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